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September flew by in a wink omg. So for the first two weeks, it was just solid meetings after meetings and discussions. I also recently moved houses so everything seems to be really messy and unorganised. I felt very anxious for the trip and it turns out that I thoroughly enjoyed it, in fact, I miss it so much it hurts. I miss the memories and I would do anything to relive it again. It was the most fun I have ever had.

The first week was quite plain and bland, we just started our community service and it was pretty fun, honestly. We gave English lessons to the students, did construction work which involved manual labour. We cut, bent and tied together metal rods to make the skeleton of the buildings, dug holes in the ground and formed a human chain to pass buckets of cement. I feel pretty nostalgic thinking about it right now and just writing this blog post seems to be really hard.

Shit started happening like midway through the trip. By shit I mean drama. LOADS of drama. There was some infatuation going on, gossiping, scandals, distrust. It was so hectic but now to think of it, I live for the drama. There was allegations which could not be settled as there was no 3rd party in the case. I'm surprised we made it out without getting the teachers involved. What an experience it was for me. We hiked up Mount Bromo, saw the sunrise which was the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on, other than my mother. The weather was so nice, the people were so full of love, I had the best time ever.

The last night was so much fun, the resort staff had a super fancy dinner for us and we had to be dressed in their traditional clothes. I was quite happy because I was the few ones who were super comfortable in my attire. I wore track pants under the batik, come on. They put together two video montages which was tear-jerking as hell. Then we had karaoke and it was hilarious. I couldn't really keep my eyes open for karaoke but somehow I managed to stay up for truth or dare. We stayed up till 4am.

There was no curfew since it was the last day so we stayed outside of our cottages, in a small hut and we talked about our dirtiest and darkest secrets. I couldn't stay up any longer after 4 and fell asleep outside with some of my friends. It was so much fun. When we arrived back at home and separated to our own families, I felt the separation and anxiety started to kick in really badly. I was so used to being with this group of people for over two weeks that it felt strange not having them around me?

We were literally around each other 24/7 for the two weeks that we were together and I had just created so many good memories with them that I felt so upset that everything just had to end. I am still trying to cope with the anxiety. The situation at home is not making it any easier for me, either and school is starting really soon. I need to do loads of mental prep work to ease back into school. But, on the very bright side of things, I still have two weeks of vacation left so hopefully that will buy me some time.

I will also be meeting up with my Surabaya team for dinner this weekend!! This is literally the most adult thing that I will be doing in my entire life. I am just so excited to meet them, I miss their faces. I know that we can't have the memories that we created back but what's the harm in creating more memories, right?

Alina x

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