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I literally finished one semester of my first year in polytechnic already. Shocking. This whole month was pretty hectic, I had a lot on my plate. Meetings after meetings and project deadlines. I'll also be flying to Indonesia in September for a CIP trip and therefore there's a lot of planning going on for that as well. Our group had a bonding day and where else to do it other than Sentosa!!! (notice my sarcasm pls). It wasn't particularly bad though, everything that we did was more or less consensual. We had lunch, played charades and then spent a lot of time traveling to the beach itself.

We played some ball games which was tiring considering how out of shape I am and the sandy terrain was just not my thing. So I just laid back for a while until it started getting cloudy and slightly thundery. We talked for a bit and then headed for home. It was a pretty chill bonding day thanks to the numerous amounts of people who decided not to come and therefore it was forced to stay very lowkey.

Then in school, I had class tests after class tests before the actual exams. I feel quite confident for Microbiology but I have so many regrets for my Math paper although I was confident I knew how to do most of the questions. Physiology & Biochemistry will be the death of me. I didn't study as effectively or as hard as I expected myself to and therefore I couldn't really answer most of the questions. The multiple-choice questions were relatively similar to what I did manage to study though, thank goodness.

I kind of wrote down just some bullshit answers for the essay questions because I really couldn't recall studying any of it or they just seemed really foreign to me. Anyway it's over now, so I just really hope that I at least pass the module because no way in hell am I taking that module again with a very specific lecturer that I cannot tolerate.

I also decided to try out my luck to secure a place in a diploma-plus program in Phlebotomy. From what I've read or known, it's a really useful skill especially in the healthcare sector and I could actually make money from it if I were to work part-time just taking blood from patients. So I decided why not, although the requirements to enter the programme is quite high and I honestly have no idea how I'm doing so far so I'm hoping for some kind of miracle.

Although even if I don't get this programme I'm hoping to sign up for another diploma-plus programme in Biosafety so that's the least that I'm aiming for. If I can't get either then that's fine as well. I guess I was destined not to take those programmes.

So the whole of September I'm probably going to be really busy preparing for the trip and I'll be gone for half of the month, looking forward to what might come soon. For now, I shall rest up and enjoy my semester break.

Alina x

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