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I always seem to be in a bad mood whenever I'm about to put up a new post. It's June already and we started the fasting month yesterday. It's been okay so far.

In the first week of May, I had a class outing/bonding session with my classmates which was mandatory. They basically forced us to build friendships through that day. I guess it was okay. I was really dreading it at first, I got really mad at the seniors for making something like that compulsory. But the activities were fine. We played ice-breaker games, designed our own cardboard shields, did station games, got myself soaked from the neck below.

The seniors were more conscious about whether we were comfortable doing the activities, most probably because of me but I'm not complaining. Towards the end of the day, it started pouring heavily and we just went home.

On one of the Saturdays, I went to my secondary school friend's college to watch her perform. It was her drama assessment but the theater was packed nonetheless. I had never been to a formal drama performance so it was a whole new experience for me. I found it slightly difficult for me to understand what the actors were talking about because every single one of them were playing different roles. At the end of the performance, everyone else was taking photographs and congratulating the performers.

I later found out that we were supposed to get the performers flowers. I guess it's etiquette? But like I said, it was my first time experiencing something like that so whatever. I guess I'll do that the next time. Then we went to eat at a really late timing and then we just went home. It was a pretty fun night spending time with the group of friends I used to hang with in school.

Then I had my mid-semester tests. Some of the papers were okay, others were really bad. I felt really awful especially for physiology & biochemistry because it was a really hard module and there was a whole lot of content to remember. I think maybe I'm getting more used to the new school life now and hopefully the next term will be so much better and productive.

Alina x

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